Cells (Organelles)

Cells (Organelles) - Cells 1 You can list all of the...

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Cells 1. You can list all of the Organelles. 2. You can match organelles with their functions. 3. You understand the Eukaryotic cell functions because of its organelles. List of Organelles: Cell membrane: is a selectively permeable membrane Nucleus: controls activities of the cell Ribosome: makes proteins Golgi Complex/apparatus: packs and moves materials around the cell Endoplasmic reticulum: breaks down harmful things Mitochondria: converts sugar into ATP. Lysosome: Digestive enzymes that can break down materials.
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Organelles and their relations with the nightclub workers: Hi, I am Gautham, and I’m a doorman in the nightclub. In other words, I’m a cell membrane in a Eukaryotic cell. Johnson’s the manager of the nightclub. So the manager is the nucleus of the cell. Alvin, Theodore, and Bagwell are the waiters. They’re similar to the Golgi complex in a cell. The cooks are Michael and Lincoln. They are almost the same as ribosomes in a cell.
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Cells (Organelles) - Cells 1 You can list all of the...

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