Cancer PR - lead to the wrong things. Cancer can be...

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Cancer Personal Reflection Cancer is a very dangerous disease that you can get when your cell cycle goes out of control. There are two overall stages in the cell cycle: the interphase and the splitting stages. Cancer basically starts when the growth stage during the interphase goes out of control. It is when the checkpoints themselves no longer function properly. This is a very bad thing as the cell wouldn’t know when to start or stop each stage, which could
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Unformatted text preview: lead to the wrong things. Cancer can be terrible sometimes; it depends on what type of cancer you have. Mr. Ray cured his cancer and it must have been a dire experience for him to fight Cancer. Sometimes Cancer is terrible and can even lead to death. So, I think that it is very important to study about it, and find more ways to prevent and cure it. | P a g e Gautham – 11/12/09...
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