Definitions-How biologists classify organism

Definitions-How biologists classify organism - common...

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How Biologists Classify Organisms – Definitions 1. Biological species – a group of natural populations that are interbreeding or that could interbreed, and that are reproductively isolated from other such groups. 2. Phylogeny – an organism’s evolutionary history. 3. Convergent evolution – A process in which similarities evolve in organisms not closely related to one another, often because the organisms live in similar habitats. 4. Analogous characters – similarities that arise through convergent evolution. 5. Cladistics – a method of analysis that reconstructs phylogenies by inferring relationships based on shared characters. 6. Ancestral character – With respect to two different groups, a character is defined as an ancestral character if it evolved in a
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Unformatted text preview: common ancestor of both groups. 7. Derived character – evolved in an ancestor of one group but nor of the other. For example, feathers evolved in an ancestor of birds that was not also ancestral to mammals. 8. Cladogram – a branching diagram, which shows the evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms. | P a g e Gautham – 2/16/2010 9. Evolutionary systematics - in evolutionary systematics, taxonomists give varying degrees of importance to characters and thus produce a subjective analysis of evolutionary relationships. 10. Phylogenetic tree – a branching diagram in which evolutionary relationships are displayed. | P a g e Gautham – 2/16/2010...
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Definitions-How biologists classify organism - common...

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