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Study Zone- Evolution - that are more distantly related...

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Evolution – Study Zone (Pg. 293) The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection 1. Charles Darwin concluded that animals on the coast of South America that resembled those on the nearby islands evolved differences after separating from a common ancestor. 2. Darwin proposed that natural selection favors individuals that are best able to survive and reproduce. 3. Under certain conditions, change within a species can lead to new species. 4. Gradualism is a process of evolution in which speciation occurs gradually, and punctuated equilibrium is a process in which speciation occurs rapidly between periods of little or no change. Evidence of Evolution 5. Evidence of orderly change can be seen when fossils are arranged according to their age. 6. Differences in amino acid sequences and DNA sequences are greater between species
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Unformatted text preview: that are more distantly related than between species that are more closely related. 7. Similarities of structures in different vertebrates provide evidence that all vertebrates share a common ancestor. Examples of Evolution 8. Individuals I hat have traits that enable them to survive in a given environment can reproduce and pass those traits to their offspring. 9. Experiments show that evolution through natural selection has occurred within populations of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and in Darwin's finches. 10. Speciation begins as a population adapts to its environment. 11. Reproductive isolation keeps newly forming species from breeding with one another. | P a g e Gautham – 3/10/2010 | P a g e Gautham – 3/10/2010...
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Study Zone- Evolution - that are more distantly related...

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