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EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION – GAUTHAM 6/1/2010 There’s a lot of evidence that evolution occurs, that some species change over time, other species diverge and become a new species. First of all, all living creatures must have a living parent. Life could have started by the mixing of inorganic chemicals (in a primordial soup) but what’s clear is that once life is produced, all organic material must have an organic parent from which it came from. There’s no evidence whatsoever that inorganic chemical processes can produce complex, multi-cellular living creatures. Therefore, complex beings should’ve been created by less complex beings. Some living creatures are very different from some others. It’s nearly impossible that all the different types of organisms were put on earth the same time. Rather, it’s more rational to think that different species gradually evolve into different species. Any fossil we look at is a transitional form. Simple animals and plants existed on Earth long before more complex ones (invertebrate
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