MGIM 4878 - Summer11- Chapter 7

MGIM 4878 - Summer11- Chapter 7 - Outline Chapter 7 1 2...

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1 Chapter 7 Global Alliances and Strategy Implementation 2 Outline 1 Global Alliances 2 Strategy Implementation 3 Outline 1 Global Alliances h Categories of alliances h Reasons for global & cross –border alliances h Challenges 4 Modes of Entry 1 Modes of entry Non-equity modes Equity modes Export Contractual Agreement Equity Joint venture Wholly owned subsidiaries Direct Export Indirect export Licensing Franchising Minority, majority EJV 50% share EJV Strategic Alliances Greenfield Acquisition Strategic Alliances Sources: Peng, W. Mike .,(2008) Global Business. Cengage Learning , ISBN 0-324-36073-8
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5 Categories of Alliances • Joint Ventures – Ex: PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group and Toyota • Equity strategic alliances – Ex: TCL-Thompson Electronics • Non-equity strategic alliances – Ex: UPS and Nike • Global strategic alliances – Ex: Covisint 6 Reasons for global & gross –border alliances Market Reasons Slow – cycle Gain access to a restricted market • Establish a franchise in a new market • Maintain market stability (creating standards) Fast – cycle • Speed up development of new goods or services Speed up new market entry • Maintain market leadership • Form an industry technology standard • Overcome uncertainty Standard – cycle • Gain market power (reduce industry overcapacity)
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MGIM 4878 - Summer11- Chapter 7 - Outline Chapter 7 1 2...

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