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[ad info] Click Here Click Here ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [CNN logo][marshall banner] [Main nav] [Documents] [Search] [Vyshinsky] [Image] [-] When proposing the [Feedback] ['']The Marshall Plan, so-called George C. Marshall offered financial This site is best Truman aid to all viewed with Doctrine and war-torn European a 4.0 browser and the Marshall nations, including requires Plan are the Soviet Union. javascript particularly glaring examples of The Soviet the manner government and its in which the satellite nations principles later rejected the of the aid, resulting in United the economic and Nations are political division violated, of of Europe. the way in which the In this speech to organization the U.N. General is ignored ['']Assembly in [-] September 1947, Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Vyshinsky outlined his government's interpretation of the Marshall Plan. Vyshinsky speech
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MarshallPlan_SovietRejection (3) - [ad info] Click Here...

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