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04-f6-e1-eng-b - Date Monday 10 January 2005 Name P O.C.A...

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Unformatted text preview: Date: Monday, 10 January 2005 Name: P. O.C.A. WONG SI U CHIN G SECONDARY SCHOOL FIRST TERM EXAM, 2004/2005 FORM 6, USE OF ENGLISH Section Big“ WR ITING Time: 8.30 — 9.45 am. Setter: Ms Yu Chin Yen Class: No.2 X- 3) Attach this sheet to the front of your answer scripts. You are advised to allocate some of the time available to planning. Follow the guidelines for argumentative writing we have learnt and practised this term. Write 500-600 words on one of the following topics: 1) Local people these days seem to have a bad opinion of the education system in Hong Kong. Do you agree with them? Write an essay on this topic, stating your View and giving reasons for your opinion. 'In modern Hong Kong, old buildings should be demolished to make way for other public needs.’ Write an essay in which you EITHER strongly support OR strongly disagree with this statement. Give at least three reasons to support your opinion. Parents and teachers ,disapprove of it, but many secondary school students are taking up part-time work. As a student yourself, what is your View on this matter. Write an essay on this topic, stating your personal view and supporting it with at least three reasons. Your work willbe marked using these criteria: Variety of Sentence Types Grammatical Accuracy Paragraph Construction Appropriateness of Vocabulary ...
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