ACCT 280 DQ3 - Sell Price per share Total Gain or Loss...

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Sheet1 Page 1 ACCT 280 DQ 3 Buy date Sell date Company name Number of shares 06/09/08 07/20/08 Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) 39.00 06/09/08 07/20/08 Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) 29.00 06/09/08 07/20/08 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) 35.00 06/09/08 07/20/08 Exon Mobile Corp. (XOM) 28.00 06/09/08 07/20/08 Boeing (BA) 40.00 Totals 171 Total Shares Based on how poorly the stock market has been doing over the last six weeks a net los I lost 6.93% of my initial investment and the Dow has been down 7.18 so my investmen Risk is a very important factor. Even though I am in 30's I feel that I am not willing to to I plan to diversify my investments when I invest to minimize my risk. Risk influenced my that I thought where not as risky.
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Sheet1 Page 2 Buy Price per share
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Unformatted text preview: Sell Price per share Total Gain or Loss Dividend 27.71 25.86-$72.15 $0.00 47.63 43.42-$122.09 $0.08 a share 59.57 57.92-$57.75 $0.00 89.07 81.54-$210.84 $0.00 73.95 68.14-$232.40 $0.00 $58.47 $54.41-$695.23 Average Price Average Price Total Gain or Loss My investment Dow 9,998.87 – 9,303.64 06/09/08 07/20/08 695.23 Loss 2.32 Dividend HPQ 2,459.46 2,282.78 692.91 Total Loss 92.82 = 692.91 / 9,998.87 = 100 - 92.82-6.93-7.18 ss of $692.91 does not seem too bad of a loss for my investment. nt loss seems consistent with the average decrease of the stock market. take a lot of risk in this market right now. y choices in this activity leading me to choose well recognized companies...
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ACCT 280 DQ3 - Sell Price per share Total Gain or Loss...

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