MGT 521 Problem Statement

MGT 521 Problem Statement - Problem Statement Issue and...

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Problem Statement Issue and Opportunity Identification Some of the issues at Kudler Fine Foods are that their specialty shops have a high payroll, the economy could change, and that about 12% of perishable goods are taken off the shelf because they are not of the excellent quality that Kudler Fine Foods prides themselves on (University of Phoenix, 2010). If these issues are left unresolved they can turn into serious problems such as increased costs from the waste of perishable foods resulting in lower profits for the company and if they do not balance effectively between paying a high enough salary to retain quality workers they will have multiple openings that are difficult to fill in specialty shops. Therefore, managing waste and payroll is essential to Kudler’s success as well as monitoring the current economic conditions. Kudler Fine Foods visualizes the opportunities of expanding by opening more stores throughout different regions and offering more catering services and product variety. By increasing sales through expanding product variety and catering Kudler Fine Foods can acquire new customers and expand their operations. Kudler Fine Foods must collect additional information regarding economic conditions and demographic characteristics regarding the location where their stores are located such as average annual income per
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MGT 521 Problem Statement - Problem Statement Issue and...

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