CHP 2 Biodiversity crisis 11

CHP 2 Biodiversity crisis 11 - CHP-2 Woodruff Biodiversity...

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Unformatted text preview: CHP-2 March 30, 2011 Woodruff - Biodiversity crisis 1 2011 Case Studies Sign up on today A01 MON 3:00p WLH 2208 Ethics A02 MON 4:00p WLH 2208 Ecotourism A09 Tu 09:00a WLH 2114 National Parks A10 Tu 4:00p U413-1 Marine A03 WED 5:00p WLH 2209 Food A04 WED 6:00p WLH 2209 Climate A05 Th 2:00p SOLIS 111 Zoos A06 Th 3:00p SOLIS 111 Zoos A07 FRI 12:00p HSS 2152 Marine A08 FRI 1:00p HSS 2152 Media CONSERVATION & THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT Exam I Friday April 22 30% Case Study Report Wed May 20 20% Exam 2 Friday May 25 30% Final exam Monday June 6 10% TEXTBOOKS – PRICE CENTER BOOKSTORE Primack Primer of Conservation Biology 4th Edn. SECTIONS/CASE STUDIES Sign up on https:// today Sections start next Monday. Section paperback books are on sale at bookstore. Buy only the one relevant to your Case Study. Tonight: Screening of ¡lm Home 6-7:30pm Center 212 One species has irrupted on the planet A species that seeks to control nature Uses 40% of global NPP State of the World: Forests, wetlands, mangroves all half gone grasslands 70% degraded Lakes acidi¡ed, water contaminated Oceans polluted, overharvested, turning sour. Coral reefs 40% degraded Atmosphere warming ~3 o C Ecosystem services threatened Biodiversity Crisis: onset of 6 th great mass extinction 2010 – the year of the tiger: more in captivity than in the wild; Parts are worth $10,000 in China Giant panda: Symbol of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), ~1,000 left African elephants: from 10 million to 0.5 million in last 200 yrs Dodo: Mauritius 1662 Passenger pigeon 1914 Pleistocene megafauna Conservation: Management of human use of the biosphere and biodiversity so that it may yield greatest sustainable bene¡t to present generations while maintaining its potential to meet needs & aspirations of future generations Conservation is positive Preservation & maintenance Sustainable utilization Restoration & enhancement Conservation biology as a ¡eld of scholarship has its roots here in Solis Hall in October 1978 CHP-2 March 30, 2011 Woodruff - Biodiversity crisis 2 Conservation of biodiversity has direct material and spiritual beneFts • ¡or continued habitation of planet • As a buffer against our worst excesses • ¡or future biological evolution • Biophilia Does it matter if we lose a few [or many] species? HOW MANY SPECIES ARE THERE? 1.8 million species are named Probably 10 million on earth today (maybe 30M) One estimate based on tropical forest canopy beetles: 950 beetle species found by fogging 19 conspeciFc trees in Panama. 80% of species were new to science. ¡reshwater Fsh S. America 40 % still unknown Thailand 30 % still unknown BIODIVERSITY SPECIES Viruses 1,000 Bacteria & Archaea 5,000 ¡ungi 69,000 Algae 27,000 Protists 31,000 Molluscs 50,000 Plants 250,000 Insects 751,000 Other Arthropods 123,000 Chordates 59,000 Mammals 5,500 Birds 10,000 Reptiles 8,000 Amphibians 6,000...
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CHP 2 Biodiversity crisis 11 - CHP-2 Woodruff Biodiversity...

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