CHP 6 globalization

CHP 6 globalization - Conservation and the Human...

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Conservation and the Human Predicament David Western Globalization Our Changing Role in Nature OUR AFRICAN SAVANNA ORIGINS 150,000 BP. Small mobile bands gathering and hunting A dominant carnivore, minor herbivore Small ecological footprint Success due to: Social cooperation Intelligence Reciprocity Tools Division of labor Flexible food gathering Widened food niche Food and water conservation COOPERATION: THE BASIS OF SUCCESS Rules of social reciprocity win-win incentives Repeated interactions and trust Social expectations and obligations Cultural norms and institutions Rules (customary laws) Regulations Transparency Monitoring Enforcement Punishment Intergroup competition Selection for altruism, cooperation and learning skills AFRICAN DIASPORA THE PALEOLITHIC REVOLUTION Out-of-Africa migration: a global generalist Elements of success Niche breadth and adaptability Eclectic hunting, fishing, gathering Environmentally adapted dwellings, clothing Physiological and morphological selection Cultural evolution and differentiation Specialized tools, hunting/foraging strategies
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CHP 6 globalization - Conservation and the Human...

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