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Unformatted text preview: ASE320 Homework set # 1 Due: January 27, 2011 1.) A Boeing 747 airplane has a total wing area of 520m2. If its weight in level cruise is 500,000lbf, find the average pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the wing in Pascals. 2.) A 15cm cube of mass 3kg is lubricated with SAE 10 oil at 20oC (dynamic viscosity of 0.104Ns/m2) slides down a 10o inclined plane at a constant velocity. Estimate the speed of the body if the oil film has a thickness of 2mm and the velocity distribution is linear. 3.) When water at 20oC flows through a channel of height h, width W, and length L at low Reynolds number, the flow is laminar and the velocity distribution is parabolic: u/Umax=1 ­(2y/h)2, as shown in the following illustration. When h=5cm, W=12cm, L=3m, and the maximum velocity is 0.4m/s: a.) Calculate the Reynolds number based on channel height and maximum velocity. b.) Find the viscous stress at the wall τw , and the total viscous force acting on the channel, assuming that τw is constant. Hint: define the y ­axis origin at the center of the channel, that is, y=0 at u=Umax. ...
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