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HWset2-S2011 - ASE320 Homework set# 2 Due:...

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Unformatted text preview: ASE320 Homework set # 2 Due: February 3, 2011 1.) When fluid in a pipe is accelerated linearly from rest, it begins as laminar flow and then undergoes transition to turbulence at a time ttr that depends on the pipe diameter D, fluid acceleration a, density ρ and viscosity μ. Arrange this into a dimensionless relation between ttr and D. 2.) Find the maximum possible diameter of the circular hole so that the tank shown in the following illustration remains closed. The lid has a mass of 50 kg. 3.) Determine the gage pressure at point A in Pascals [Pa]. Is it higher or lower than atmospheric? 4.) The circular cylinder shown below has a specific gravity of 0.9 and resides between two fluids, (water on top and an unknown liquid on bottom). a.) If the system is in static equilibrium, find the specific gravity of the unknown liquid. b.) Do you think the system is stable? Explain your reasoning. ...
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