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Unformatted text preview: ASE320 Homework set # 4 Due: February 22, 2011 1.) An incompressible, one ­dimensional airflow of density ρ exits steadily into the ambient atmosphere from a contraction shown in the following illustration. The contraction is bolted onto a constant area duct at station 1. And the area ratio A1/A2=4. If the total force on the bolts is Fx, find Fx/ρU12A1. Show all work and state assumptions clearly. 2.) The open tank shown below contains water at 20oC and is being filled through section 1. Assume incompressible flow. a.) Derive an analytical expression for the water level change dh/dt in terms of arbitrary volume (Q1, Q2, Q3) and tank diameter d. b.) If the water level h is constant, determine the exit velocity V2 if V1=3.5ms ­1 and Q3=0.01m3s ­1. 3.) The horizontal fitting shown below splits the 20oC water flow rate equally. If Q1=5ft3/s and p1=25lbf/in2 (gage) and losses are neglected, estimate: a. p2, b. p3, and c. The vector force required to keep the fitting in place. ...
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