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HWset5-S2011 - ASE320 Homework set# 5 Due:...

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Unformatted text preview: ASE320 Homework set # 5 Due: March 1, 2011 1.) Given the following Eulerian description of a fluid flow (in Cartesian coordinates): u=2xyt, v=y3x/3, w=0, a.) Is this flow one ­, two ­, or three ­ dimensional? b.) Is this flow steady? c.) Is this flow incompressible? d.) Find the x ­component of the acceleration vector 2.) A three ­dimensional incompressible flow field has the following vector form: V=Kxi + Kyj  ­ 2Kzk. a.) Determine if this is a valid solution to continuity and Navier ­Stokes b.) if g =  ­gk, find the pressure field p(x,y,z). 3.) A flat plate moves horizontally at constant velocity (U ) over a thin fluid film of height H. The fluid is incompressible and losses (pressure head) are considered negligible. Using Navier ­ Stokes, show that the velocity profile between the stationary surface and the moving plate is linear. ∞ ...
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