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SPC 2608 Eval Form 4 Object Speech - Held interest of...

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Four Object Speech Evaluation Form Student Name: __________________________________________ Date: __________________ Excellent Good Fair Absent 2 1 0 0 Introduction Conclusion _______ Effective attention-getter _______ Prepared audience for ending _______ Introduced topic clearly ________Reinforced Central idea _______ Related topic to audience _______ Vivid ending _______ Established Credibility _______ Previewed body of speech Overall Evaluation ________ Speech completed in time limit Body ________ Topic Challenging _______ Main points clearly and fully supported. ________ Specific purpose well chosen _______ Organization well planned
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Unformatted text preview: _______ Held interest of audience _______ Language clear and appropriate _______ Good use of transitions _______ Message adapted to audience Delivery _______ Began speech without rushing _______ Maintained strong eye contact _______ Avoided distracted mannerisms _______ Articulated words clearly _______ Used pauses effectively _______ No verbal distractions _______ Enthusiasm for topic TOTAL: _____ points out of 50 points = ______% or ________. Remember this speech does not count toward your grade. Practice only! General Comments:...
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