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1.21 Writing Your Movie of Epic Proportion Act 2 Submit a paragraph that details the background story of your hero for a completion grade. Develop his background. Is he noble? Adopted by strangers? Has he survived assassination attempts? Where does he live? What gods will be supportive of and antagonistic to him? Where does the story begin? Be sure to incorporate the epic conventions. The many lives of Draco Background:
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Unformatted text preview: The name of the hero is Draco. He was born a prince to a king and queen. Soon after birth his parents were murdered and he narrowly escaped. He was taken away to a distant part of the country be looked after by a centaur named Malfoy. The two live in simple means doing their laborious work every day. Draco does not know he is of noble birth but often has visions of the gods speaking to him....
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