3_09 - liberty . 13. Pedestrians travel by foot . 14. When...

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Tristan LaNasa Latin 2 03.09 Work Files It is time to roll the camera. Using your flashcards, review the Vocabulary Props you have had so far. Choose derivatives of 25 different Latin words, and write English sentences which include the derivative and the meaning of the Latin word. Example: An aqueduct carries water to Rome. 1. A dog is from the canine family. 2. The gaudy family’s joy was apparent. 3. He was the husband in their marital status. 4. The youth had to go to juvenile detention. 5. She agreed by giving her consent. 6. The clown was ridiculous enough to get laughed at. 7. John stretched his tendon before he ran. 8. Tom, to dress himself put on a vest. 9. The couple had a high fidelity due to their faithfulness for one another. 10. The old man was senile. 11. My tooth hurt, so I went to the dental office. 12. We enjoy freedom , due to our forefathers fighting for
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Unformatted text preview: liberty . 13. Pedestrians travel by foot . 14. When the ship approached the vortex they saw it was a whirlpool. 15. Heracles called forth and evoked the gods to his side. 16. The audacious young man boldly answered the call for military volunteers. 17. When accelerating a car it goes faster. 18. Community has an annual picnic its common grounds. 19. The crazy house holds demented persons. 20. The difficult problem gave Sarah a hard time. 21. The brave woman served with fortitude. 22. Early Americans tried to assimilate the Indians to be like them. 23. The band abbreviated its name to make it short to say. 24. The house dog repulsed the intruders driving them back to their getaway car. 25. When the organized mom found her car keys amiss , and she knew she didn’t lose them....
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3_09 - liberty . 13. Pedestrians travel by foot . 14. When...

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