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03.16 Making Your Movie Identify his special device/quality/weapon. King Arthur had a special sword. Hercules had exceptional strength. Batman's car had considerable speed and nifty gadgets that helped him. Superman was able to fly. For assignment 03.16, submit the following: 1. A paragraph detailing the special device/quality/weapon that your hero will utilize Draco has a horse named Torva Unus. A horse of the gods, Torva is a silver stallion and can understand the speech of man. He is fearless. He can run faster than any other
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Unformatted text preview: horse. No man could tame torva unus until he was tamed by Draco, and was later given to Draco by Neptune. He does not tolerate a bridle or saddle, and carries Draco by his own choice. 2. A description of your hero's device/quality/weapon that uses a third declension adjective and a demonstrative adjective He is a powerful horse-- Is et a potens equus. e.g., hic acer gladius -- this fierce sword...
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