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04.09 Reges Translation Read in English the beginning and end of the test and translate the middle portion. Type your translation below each numbered sentence. Reges Post mortem Romuli, Numa Pompilius, vir iustissimus, rex factus est. Is iure et legibus urbem novam firmavit (strengthened) et annum pro tempore lunae in duodecim menses dividit. After the death of Romulus, Numa Pompilius, a very just man, became king. He strengthened by right and laws the new city and he divided the year according to the time of the moon into twelve months . 1. Itaque Numa pace et lege civitatem auxit. And so Numa aided the state by peace and law. 2. Tum Tullus Hostilius rex fuit. Then Tullus Hostilius was king. 3. Tullus Hostilius fuit ferox; et bellum cum Albanis petivit.
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Unformatted text preview: Tullus Hostilius was fierce and he sought toward war with the Albans. 4. Post Albani victi erant, Romani fecerunt duces Albanorum patres (patricians). After the Albans were conquered, the Romans made the leaders of the Albans patricians. 5. Proximus rex Romanorum erat Ancus Marcius. The next king of the Romans was Ancus Marcius. Post bellum cum Latinis, Ancus Marcius cives traduxit.Imperium etiam ad mare extendit, et Ostiam, portum Romae, in ore (shore)Tiberis condidit. After the war with the Latins, Ancus Marcius guided the citizens. He also extended their rule to the sea and he founded Ostia, the port of Rome, on the shore of the Tiber....
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