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Work File 04.12 Read the following sentences and answer the questions below each sentence. Use the charts in Lesson 04.12 to solve this exercise. A. Adventu equitatus Romani , res Iudaeorum (gen. pl., of the Jews) mutaverunt . 1. What is the case of equitatus Romani ? accusative 2. Translate the phrase ' adventu equitatus Romani.' The roman horses arrived. B. Spes et fides Iudaeorum (gen. pl., of the Jews) erant in ducibus. Judah Ben Hur erat unus ducum (gen., pl.). 3. What is the case of spes et fides ? nominative 4. Translate the phrase 'spes et fides Iudaeorum' placed their Hope and faith.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Sed, Ben Hur, nunc servus, in circo multos dies egit. 5. What is the case of multos dies ? accuasative 6. Translate the phrase multos dies. Many days. D. In Circo Maximo contra hostem, manibus equos egit; 7. What is the case of manibus ? ablative 8. Translate the phrase manibus . hands E. cornibus auditis , equi cum passibus celeribus cucurrerunt, 9. What is the case of cornibus ? Ablative 10. Translate the phrase cornibus auditis. By hearing the bugles Ben Hur defeated his enemy and returned to his family. Hints: equos agree -- to drive horses...
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