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Work File 08.05 08.05 Mythology Library Research Directions: In assessment 08.05 you will do the following: Determine and write the moral of the three stories. 1. Moral for the story of Midas and the Golden Touch Midas was so excited by the thought of endless wealth that he did not consider the consequences of his wish, even when warned. Also Midas chose to trade the beauty of the natural world for material wealth; he was thrilled when even his roses turned to gold. 2. Moral for the story of Deucalion and Pyhrra Because the two followed the gods ways so they were not destroyed by the flood. Piety pays off. 3. Moral for the story of Niobe Niobe was bragging about her kids and the gods got mad and killed them all. The myth of Niobe demonstrates the wrath of both Apollo and Artemis and is a warning to mortals not to compare themselves to the gods. Apply the moral to your life today. 1. How does the Midas story apply today? The pursuit of wealth is very central to today's society. Just think of how much trouble we're in
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Unformatted text preview: today with the bad economy. Greed brings all down. Midas was rich enough but he wanted more, more, more!! Banks & home buyers should not have tried to get a huge profit -- just a decent one. 2. How does the Deucalion and Pyhrra story apply today? Well say in todays society, if you always follow the law you dont have to worry. So say if you dont run stop signs of redlights you wont get a ticket for running stop signs or redlights. 3. How does the Niobe story apply today? That you should be thankful for what you have not boastful, because it can all be taken away. Think of the investors who lost everything in the recent recession. Find an atlas in the library and tell me where Delos and the Greek Thebes are. 1. Location of Delos? Greek Island, southeast of Athens. 2. Location of Greek Thebes? Northwest of Athens on the Greek Mainland...
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