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Work File 08.06 Complete the chart, save a copy on your computer; then submit to your instructor for grading. Positive Comparative Superlative Altus, a, um high Altior, altius higher Altissimus, a, um Highest Fortis, forte brave Fortior, fortius braver Fortissimus, a, um bravest longus, a, um Long Longer Longest
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Unformatted text preview: Latus, a, um latior, latius Clarus, a, um clear clearer clarissimus,-a,um clearest nobilis, nobile levissimus,-a,-um Certus, a, um certior, certius Tardus, a, um late tardissimus, a, um publicus, a, um public Amicus, a, um Friendly amicior, amicius friendlier friendliest...
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