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08_08a - The superlative of the other-lis adjectives is...

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08.08 Comparison of "-er" and "-lis" Adjectives and Adverbs Adjectives ending in -er The superlative of all adjectives ending in -er is formed by adding -rimus, -a, -um to the nominative, singular, masculine of the positive: Positive Comparative Superlative liber, libera, liberum --free liberior, liberius -- more free, freer liberrimus,-a,-um -- most free sacer, sacra, sacrum --sacred, holy sacrior,sacrius -- more sacred, more holy sacerrimus,-a,-um -- most sacred, most holy celer, celeris, celere - swift celerior, celerius --swifter celerrimus,-a,-um -- swiftest Comparison of the Corresponding Adverbs Positive Comparative Superlative libere -- freely liberius -- more freely liberrime -- most freely sacre -- sacredly sacrius -- more sacredly sacerrime -- most sacredly celeriter -- swiftly celerius -- more swiftly celerrime -- most swiftly Adjectives with -LIMUS in the Superlative The superlative for the following five adjectives which end in -lis is formed by adding -limus,-a,-um.
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Unformatted text preview: The superlative of the other -lis adjectives is formed regularly. (The positive adverbs formed from these adjectives are generally formed regularly, but the adverb for facilis is facile, not faciliter. In the superlative, the corresponding adverbs end in -e :facillime.) Positive Comparative Superlative facilis, facile - easy facilior, facilius - easier facillimus,-a,-um - easiest difficilis, difficile - difficult difficilior, difficilius -- more difficult difficillimus,-a,-um -- most difficult similis, simile - like similior, similius -- more like simillimus,-a,-um -- most like dissimilis, dissimile - unlike dissimilior, dissimilius -- more unlike dissimillimus,-a,-um -- most unlike humilis, humile --humble humilior, humilius -- more humble humillimus,-a,-um --most humble...
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08_08a - The superlative of the other-lis adjectives is...

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