1985AB6 - . IZJWI'LTL...

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Unformatted text preview: . IZJWI'LTL “fifimffifimflIfii’fiflfifl'flfiflfl' J'M“ fT'CI‘i 1'? A”? -4“. Anew- [985—- H803 Note: This is the graph of the derivative off, n_qt the graph off. . 6. The figure above shows the graph of f, the derivative ofa function f. The domain of the function f is the set of all x such that "-3 g x E 3. (a) For what values of x, '-3 < x < 3, does f have a relative maximum? A relative minimum? Justify your answer. (b) For what values of x is the graph off concave up? Justify your answer. (c) Use the information found in parts (a) and (b) and the fact that f(—3) = 0 to sketch a possible graph off on the axes provided below. % :2.) 1° ins a. rel. mx at x=a, “.4 El Mod (a) 9 #01): cm W 6 “194(4) £- 1445 a. min at xzo. S'F 3 Mind (a) 3 -P(a.)£-F(x) Vx E. hbd (a) I . . Since. “F exists on (-3’33) ‘F IS cont. cm ('3. 3) and axis-1': at x=-.2)o {IT-£170 $ '9 1M“ I‘“ ‘8‘“: “bd(‘"3~)}$ 'F has 6L rel. hach IFI(-°1+)éo :g’ ‘F' dean .tm rt. wind ('3) at X : "cl i—‘(o‘Vo =>¥ deer. “M. \e'Ft neat (o) 3 4 has (L Hy. M3“. ‘FI (0+)>O imam. In rt. hdeO) at x=O 2.3.. m; : :_3...;+;+: g "'1 “10.1.3-2.3 GraPko-F-4: the Fall Fall Ruse RISE :5: -P increasing on Psi-9.3 Md decreasing em [‘12) -IJ $ 4‘- has a. rel, Max at X=‘;L ‘F' decreasinfi on [‘50] and increasing on [0) i] g '9 has a. rel. min at x=O 1985 AB6 “335 — H B (a (Con'i'inued) b) 4: is concave. up on (a?) H: ‘F' is Encreasincj on GHQ F. increasihfi on (4,5 or (2)3) $ 5;- is concave. up on (*i; Dcréfi) OR. u I F 60:3 1 u ¥nl60= g ... .. i + 4.. i _. i + t ‘3 1-2 “I O f R 3 :3 ! :é 1 Since 'F' is QO'ncave. MP on an Fn+3r~laJ 5-9 {NICO 1's Posifive- on fixed: in+crvoJ., ‘9 Ls Concave up on (-1) I)? (4)3) g 1985 A136 (Continued) ...
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1985AB6 - . IZJWI'LTL...

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