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1986AB6 - Iqet-ABG,BQ3 6 The shaded region R showu in the...

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Unformatted text preview: Iqet-ABG,BQ3 6. The shaded region R showu in the figure above is enclosed by the graphs of y = tanzx, y = éseczx, and the ,vzaxis. (3) Find the area of region R. (b) Set up, but do not integate, an integral expression in terms of a single variable for the volume of the solid formed by revolving region R about the x-axis. = x -- {”2" J Point. o‘f' Ih+ersec+ionl 0 max = t++2fix 117 .L hat-«ax: l = at - a. X= 17+ 1986 ABfifBCS) ...
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