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1996BC6 - 1996 BC—6 Note Figure not drawn to Scale The...

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Unformatted text preview: 1996: BC—6 Note: Figure not drawn to Scale. The figure above shows a spotlight shining on point P(x, y) on the shoreline of Crescent Island. The spotlight is iocated at the origin and is rotating. The portion of the shoreline on which the spotlight shines is in the shape of the parabola y = x2 from the point (1', l) to the point (5, 25). Let 6 be the angle between the beam of light and the positive x—axis. (a) For what values of 9 between 0 and 21'! does the spotlight shine on the shoreline? (b) Find the x- and y-coordinates of point P in terms of tan 9. (c) If the spotlight is rotating at the rate of one revolution per minute, how fast is the point P traveling along the shoreline at the instant it is at the point (3, 9) ? W (a) The spotlight shines on the shoreline for 6 such that tan'1%s65tan*12—: ma. gsastan‘ls m,» 3855651373 © (b) tan6= Hl‘< 2 =x—=>x=tan6andy=x2=tan23 © x (c) 7” =(tan6,tan26) 22> i; = (se<:26%9,2tax1lflsec2l9%a 5-39 = 2n: units/min, and at the point (3,9), tanB = 3 and secB = t/l—O (36023 = 311123 +1) I 1 sec46 g; +4tan293ec49 (1—6 t = 100(4n1) + 4(9)(100)(4n2) = 201cm s 382.191 units/min @ 1996 BC6 .WKWWMMWMWW ...
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