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EIN 3354 Ch.3 HW Solutions pg1

EIN 3354 Ch.3 HW Solutions pg1 - Chapter 3 HOMEWORK...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: HOMEWORK SOLUTIQNS ml: solutions to some critical problems will be m’defl It is students‘ responsibilifitx to timeb: catch up with all assggg' ed homeworks. *‘HG—SdfiofllflthEmHmflMmhelpde Simple Wthflon" AZWD zoo zoo zoo ‘lx 5' I. I 1 III I P-m N33 i=10% FF? "3-3 (3-6) 'I'llisisuimplcintu'estculnflatlmpmblun. mmmmmn oilo‘] mum: mammal-$10.5: mmmmhdpummmsmmmm" 3-15 {3-3} F=I mamas)” =- 945 3.15 (3-9) (5350-5000): ammo) «- ms 11.- no.5 momhs 3.13540) P-znm ins“. 12.? a) Afterfiyws P-zooo i-m n=5 F-? F-muwmf Paauooune)’ anmls 3-l9fl-ll) F=20.000 III-5 i-‘Hfi P"? ...
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