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Jodi-Ann Barclay Ethis Case 3 8-30-2011 The Body Shop Reputation is Tarnished 1. The Body Shop continued to grow economically from 1991-1994 in sales($231 million to $333 million) and net income($41 million to $47 million). As far as the law is concerned hired two full-time employees and one lawyer devoted exclusively to regulatory compliance in the U.S. The Body Shop was still going beyond what was expected of them and this is shown by the various awards won by Anita for her leadership in social and ethical causes. The company also continued to be philanthropic. Anita donated royalties from her book to several charity groups. 2. I am shocked by John Entine's article. If those allegations were true then the Body Shop would clearly be operating under ethical violations. The biggest surprise to me is the allegation that they had increase their percentage of animal testing even though they stated many times that they were a business against animal testing. The Body Shop tried to counter-attack by attacking
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