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Graded News Value - COM 2135 Graded News Values Peter...

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COM 2135 Graded News Values Peter Latino February 10, 2011 A. Jury Recommends Death for 69-Year-Old Grandmother 1. What are the news values that are present in this story? Currency: Although the murders occurred last year, people are still talking about it today. They want to know the fate of the perpetrators of these murders. Timeliness: The murders occurred last year but the conviction is happening now, making it timely and newsworthy Impact: The murders had a huge impact on the families of those who were and indeed to the entire city of Chillicothe. Bizarre: Murder is by no means a usual thing and more so for a 69-year-old woman killing four people 2. List the who, what, when, where, why and how elements of the story. Who: Faye Copeland, the 69-old-grandmother What: sentenced to death When: Tuesday Where: Chillicothe, Mo. Why: for the murders of four transient farm workers 3. Which of the three major types of sources of information are used in this story? The major type of information source used in this story is people
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4. Identify and list the sources specifically mentioned in the story. How do you think that the reporter was able to get this information from each source? The source specifically mentioned in the story is Copeland's attorney, David Miller 5. Analyze the story for accuracy. Are there points in the story that might not be accurate? If you were the editor, what information would you question or want to follow up on? From the story, I am having trouble reconciling the recommendation for sentencing to death for
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Graded News Value - COM 2135 Graded News Values Peter...

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