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Calpine Corporation 10-K - Calpine Corporation (A Delaware...

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Calpine Corporation (A Delaware Corporation) Form 10-K Item 1A. Risk Factors Operations A prolonged economic downturn could result in a reduction in our revenue, operating cash flows or result in our customers, counterparties, vendors or other service providers failing to perform under their contracts with us. Our financial performance is impacted by price fluctuations in the wholesale power and natural gas markets and other market factors that are beyond our control. Our ability to manage our counterparty credit risk could adversely affect us. Accounting for our hedging activities may increase the volatility in our quarterly and annual financial results. The use of hedging agreements may not work as planned or fully protect us and could result in financial losses. Our results are subject to quarterly and seasonal fluctuations. We rely on power transmission and natural gas distribution facilities owned and operated by other companies. We may be unable to obtain an adequate supply of natural gas in the future at prices acceptable to us. Our revenues and results of operations depend on market rules, regulation and other forces beyond our control. Our power generating operations performance involves significant risks and hazards and may be below expected levels of output or efficiency. Our power generating operations are inherently hazardous and may lead to catastrophic events, including loss of life, personal injury and destruction of property, and subject us to litigation. Our power plants and development projects are subject to impairments.
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Calpine Corporation 10-K - Calpine Corporation (A Delaware...

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