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EGM 3344 Introduction to Numerical Methods of Engineering Analysis Catalog Description: Methods for numerical solution of mathematical problems, with emphasis on engineering applications and computer implementation in MATLAB. Modeling, computers, and error analysis. Roots and optimization. Linear algebraic equations and matrices. Curve fitting; Numerical differentiation and integration. Ordinary differential equations. 3 credit hours. 1. Pre-requisites: MAC 2311 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 MAC 2312 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 MAC 2313 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 3 Co-requisites: MAP 2302 Elementary Differential Equations 2. Course Objectives: The goal of EGM 3344 is to teach you how to apply computational methodologies to solve engineering problems when no closed-form, analytical solution exists. Achievement of this goal requires learning the basics of structured programming as well as learning how to combine engineering knowledge, judgment, and intuition to develop reasonable approximations through the engineering modeling process. Because mathematical judgment and approximations are involved, the material in this course will be somewhat more open-ended than the material covered in other courses. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the basic concepts behind the various numerical methods studied, implementing basic numerical methods using the MATLAB structured programming environment, and utilizing more sophisticated numerical methods provided as built-in MATLAB functions. This approach is taken since understanding how numerical methods work is essential for choosing the correct method and understanding its limitations. At the same time, the existence of commercial numerical libraries makes it inefficient and unnecessary for students to re-develop complex existing numerical routines. By the end of this course, you should be able to do the following: Structured programming . Understand basic structured programming concepts involving decision making, loops, functions, and parameter passing implemented within the MATLAB programming environment. Numerical methods. Understand the most common numerical methods used in engineering analysis, when to use each method, and how to implement basic methods in a structured manner using MATLAB’s programming language. Numerical accuracy. Estimate the amount of error inherent in different numerical methods. Numerical efficiency. Assess the efficiency of a selected numerical method when more than one option is available to solve a certain class of problem. Numerical stability. Understand the convergence properties and limitations of different numerical methods. 3. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component: 4A. EGM 3344 supports several program outcomes enumerated in the Mission Statement of
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