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Sheet1 Page 1 function FiniteDifferenceMethod(nnodes) % Simple Matlab program to demonstrated the finite difference % method with the heat transfer example problem used in lecture. % The differential equation for this problem is % d^2T/dx^2 + h(Ta - T) = 0 % with x = 0 to 10, Ta = 20, and boundary conditions % T(0) = 40 and T(10) = 200. % For this approach, there is no need to convert the second order % ODE into two first order ODEs. Instead, we will discretize the % ODE by replacing the derivative terms with central difference % equations: % d^2T/dx^2 = (T(i+1) - 2*T(i) + T(i-1))/deltax^2 % Substituting this approximation into the original ODE produces % (T(i+1) - 2*T(i) + T(i-1))/deltax^2 + h*(Ta - T(i)) = 0 % Collecting like terms of T yields % -T(i-1) + (2+h*deltax^2)*T(i) - T(i+1) = h*deltax^2*Ta % We now discretize the rod into a number of nodes in the x direction % from x = 0 to x = 10 and apply the discretization equation above % to each node. % Note that the first and last node are not used explicitly, since we
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FiniteDifferenceMethod - function...

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