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HOW COMPUTERS REPRESENT NUMBERS EGM 3344 Chapra “Applied Numerical Methods” Chapter 4 I. Integer Representation Illustration: How do we teach children to count? Using their fingers. Counting by 10’s is easy because we learn to count using our 10 fingers. If we want to count to 20, we just count to 10 2x, that is we count be 10’s. So whether you realize it not, every time you use a number, you are representing it as some combination of powers of 10. For example, 210 173 1 10 7 10 3 10 +× +× Note that every time one of our digits gets to 9, we flow over into the next group of 10. So if we went from 179 to 180, the 0 10 slot would go back to 0 and the 1 10 slot would move up to 8. This is what we call a base-10 system. Easy, right? But let’s say I wasn’t a human being but rather a space alien with only one finger on each hand. I would want to count using a base-2 system. How in the world does that work? Well, instead of re-setting to zero every time a digit went from 9 to 10, we would re-set to zero every time a digit went from 1 to 2. So in base-10, 0123456789 then reset to 0, while in base-2, 01 then reset to 0. How would we represent the number 173 in base-2? Let’s write the base-10 representation of 173 in a slightly different way to see how we would do it in base 2: k k 10 Number Value Difference 173 2 100 1 100 73 1 10 7 70 3 0 1 3 3 0 (Number must be 012345678 or 9) So the base-10 representation of 173 is 173. Question: Using the same methodology, what is the base-2 representation of 173?
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How_Computers_Represent_Numbers - HOW COMPUTERS REPRESENT...

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