skydiver_if - % Verify that a filename was entered if...

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Sheet1 Page 1 function [t, v] = skydiver_if % Function to calculate skydiver falling speed with % input method selected on the fly. % % Inputs: mass m (kg) % gravity g (m/s^2) % drag coefficient c (kg/m) % time vector (s) % % Outputs: falling speed vector v (m/s) % Check if user wants to input parameter values interactively. % If not, assume the user will input parameter values from a file. % Use am if statement for this example. response = input('Do you want to enter parameter values interactively? (y or n): ','s') if strcmp(response,'y') | strcmp(response,'Y') % Read parameter value inputs m = input('Enter mass in kg: ') g = input('Enter gravity in m/s^2: ') c = input('Enter drag coefficient in kg/m: ') t = input('Enter time vector in s: ') elseif strcmp(response,'n') | strcmp(response,'N') % Read filename filename = input('Enter the name of the data file containing parameter values: ','s')
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Unformatted text preview: % Verify that a filename was entered if isempty(filename) fprintf('No file name entered - aborting program.\n') return end data = load(filename) nrows = size(data,1) m = data(1,1) g = data(2,1) c = data(3,1) t = data(4:nrows,1) else % Bad input - return to Matlab command prompt fprintf('Illegal input - please rerun the program and enter y or n.\n') t = v = return end v = sqrt(m*g/c)*tanh(sqrt(g*c/m)*t) Sheet1 Page 2 % Determine if terminal velocity was reached % This is the most typical use of an if statement tol = 1e-4 npts = size(v,1) dv = abs(v(npts,1)-v(npts-1,1)) if dv < tol disp('Terminal velocity was researched.') else disp('Terminal velocity was not reached.') end...
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skydiver_if - % Verify that a filename was entered if...

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