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Short Answer 1. Define equity theory. List its basic components and give one example of each of these components. 2. Define expectancy theory. Identify the theory's three key concepts. 3. Identify and define the components of visionary leadership. 4. List and briefly define the four parts of the perception process. 5. List the steps in the basic control process. How would you respond to the statement, "Control is a process that should be employed intermittently?" 6. A master brewer knows the exact ingredients to add to make a dark beer, a lager, or an ale. He understands
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Unformatted text preview: the nuances of the fermentation process and when a batch reaches perfection. How can technology capture this specialized knowledge? 7. Define productivity. Provide an everyday example of a measure of productivity that consumers sometimes use in deciding which car to purchase. 8. Briefly explain the difference between ISO 9000 certification and the Baldrige National Quality Award. 9. Briefly describe total quality management (TQM). 10. List and describe the four kinds of inventory that a manufacturer stores....
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