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Short Answer 1. What are creative work environments? What does a manager need to do to develop and manage creative work environments? 2. Identify and briefly describe the three steps involved in the process of managing organizational change as defined by Kurt Lewin. 3. Define direct foreign investment. Name one of the top five countries with the largest direct foreign investment in the United States. 4. Identify the five traditional approaches to organizational structure. Which one is best for a company to use? Explain your answer. 5. What is job specialization? Briefly explain its advantages and disadvantages. 6. How do the mechanistic and organic approaches to organizational design differ?
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Unformatted text preview: Under what circumstances is each appropriate for use by a company? 7. Define cross training. Briefly explain how cross training can lead to increased job satisfaction. 8. What are project teams? List the advantages associated with their usage. 9. Identify the employee characteristics that are protected by federal employment anti-discrimination laws (i.e., the characteristics upon which employers are not legally allowed to discriminate). Specify which human resource management decisions these laws affect. 10. What is diversity? Briefly explain why it is an important issue for contemporary business....
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