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Partner Report

Partner Report - ASL 2301 Partner Report Name Brittani...

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Unformatted text preview: ASL 2301 Partner Report #______ Name: Brittani Richter Score_______/10 Day you met:_10/12/10 Time began ___3______ Time ended____4______ Location:___Starbucks__ Partner:____Emilie Silverthorn, Brooke Elliott_ I had two partners because once we received the email both contacts I had from class contacted me about doing a report together. Brooke couldn’t find anyone else so we let her join Emilie and I so she wouldn’t get a bad grade. 1. What did you practice in this meeting? Went through unit 13. Practiced different activities they had in the book. Practiced locating things around the house and coffee shop. We also practiced some fingerspelling when we couldn’t remember the sign. The other two were able to help the one that fingerspelled it to them. 2. What was most challenging for you in this unit? Describing a room completely. I feel like I am not very clear at it and get confused easily. I think with practice though it could be become easier. I just feel I need more specific signs not just CLs. with practice though it could be become easier....
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