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Exam 3 Problem 3 retry

Exam 3 Problem 3 retry - credit will be given Signature...

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Exam 3, Problem 3 retry, max credit is 24 points. Due Nov 15 th in class. Name:________________________ UFID:________________________ TA’s name:____________________ Honesty Statement: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment. Unauthorized aid includes help from anyone else (in this class or not in this class) and homework/exam solutions which could benefit me in anyway while working this assignment. I understand that if I sign this statement and am later found to not have abided by it I will face disciplinary actions in accordance with the University of Florida Honor Code. If this statement is not signed then I understand that this problem will not be graded and no
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Unformatted text preview: credit will be given. Signature:____________________________ Date:____________ For this problem you may use Formula’s or Tables. If you use any resource not in the Required Textbook listed in the syllabus you must list the name of your reference (Textbook name and author, website URL etc.). You must include all of your work with your submission, additionally attach the original Exam 3 to this problem. Determine: For Region 1 P o1 :______ T o1 :________ For Region 2 P 2 :_______, T 2 :_________, M 2 :________, P o2 :__________. For Region 3 P 3 :_______, T 3 :_________, M 3 :________, P o3 :__________. 10º M 1 = 3.6 T 1 = 300K P 1 = 101 kPa 1 2 3...
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