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Unformatted text preview: *****i€******>’:7‘§**7‘<***7‘<i¢*************w‘c>’n’<7‘r>‘c*7‘<*5’:v”:*k*****************=’c****igin'n’n'n'n’n’nk Practice Homework problem: Experience in non destructivetesting of pressurized pipes of various materials indicates that longitudinal cracks cf maximum lengths of 8 mm may be present. There is concern that the pipe will undergo sudden brittle fracture. a) For pipes 450 mm in diameter with 10 mm wall thickness, use fracture mechanics concepts to calculate the pressure at brittle fracture for two different materials: l7—4PH steel and A181 4340 steel. Use Case 1 and the hoop stress in your calculation. b) Now use the Tresca criterion to determine the pressures at the onset of yielding. Compare With a) and comment. ***************************************************************************$** ...
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