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EAS4101_S11_HW2LO - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring 2011...

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EAS 4101 - Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 1/1 HW 4 Learning Objectives, HW 2 Assigned: Wednesday, 1/10/11 Due: Friday, 1/19/11 The homework problem will help your understanding of the following concepts: Problem 1 (1.4 Bertin) o Lift/Drag ratios for aircraft of different weights Problem 2 (1.5 Bertin) o Excess power o L/D ratios Problem 3 (1.7 Bertin) o Kinematic viscosity o Sutherland’s equation Problem 4 (1.10 Bertin) o Calculating density, dynamic viscosity, and kinematic viscosity Problem 5 (1.13 Bertin) o Perfect gas relations o Calculating density, viscosity and velocity when Mach number, free-
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