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EAS 4101 - Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 1/1 HW#3 2/2/11, 5 th Homework 1. Problem 3.20 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 2. Problem 3.21 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 3. Problem 3.26 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 4. Problem 3.27 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 5. Problem 3.28 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 6. Problem 3.38 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”. 7. Problem 3.44 from Bertin’s “Aerodynamics for Engineers”.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Given: A circular cylinder. Find: Describe the flow field over the circular cylinder as the Reynolds number based on diameter increases from 0.1 to 200,000, discussing the physics of how viscous effects dominate the flow. Please sketch out various flow regimes and discuss the structure of the cylinder wake as a function of Reynolds number and how it impacts the drag coefficient. Note: I expect a strong effort of 2-3 pages of explanation/drawings here. This problem will actually count as two problems....
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