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EAS 4101–Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 1/5/11, 1 st lecture Announcements: 1. Office hours will begin next week. 2. Adam’s office hours will begin on 1/17/11. Topics: 1. Overview of Syllabus and Class Policies a. Textbook b. Student expectations c. Tests, homework, and grading d. Notes: i. Typeset “summary” notes will be provided accompany the assigned readings from the text and reference books. They are not to be considered substitutes. You will be responsible for both the material covered in class and the assigned readings. ii. These notes will be placed on the website in the handout section by 10 am on the day of the lecture. If there are any subsequent revisions, they will also be posted on the
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Unformatted text preview: website. e. Recitation Section: i. The TAs will teach a recitation section on Wednesday evening, room/time TBD. This should prove to be a helpful supplement to the lecture material. Attendance is optional, but highly recommended. f. Comments on Office hours g. https://elearning2.courses.ufl.edu/portal 2. Introduction Flight (why am I taking this class?) a. Anatomy of an airplane b. Forces in flight c. Factors affecting lift and drag d. Aircraft stability Reading Assignments: 1. Chapter 1 of Aerodynamics for Engineers, Chapters 1-2 in Introduction to Flight due 1/10/11 Homework:...
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