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EAS4101_S11_L2 - at the beginning of class I hereby certify...

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EAS 4101–Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 1/7/11, 2 nd lecture Announcements: 1. Office hours will begin next week. 2. Adam’s office hours will begin on 1/17/11. 3. Note about the required textbook: If you purchase a different edition, it is your responsibility to coordinate HW assignments. Topics: 1. Fluids and Solids a. Definitions of solid and fluid b. Liquids and gases 2. Continuum Assumption a. Gas or liquid motion b. Continuum assumption model c. Validity of CA 3. Methods of Description for fluid flows a. Lagrangian MOD b. Eulerian MOD c. Streamlines, streaklines, timelines, pathlines d. Conversion via Reynolds Transport Theorem 4. Basic Laws a. Continuity b. Conservation of Momentum c. Examples Reading Assignments: 1. Chapter 1 of Aerodynamics for Engineers, Chapters 1-2 in Introduction to Flight due 1/10/11 Homework: 1. HW#1: Please print out this page and sign the following statement, then turn in on Monday
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Unformatted text preview: 1/10/11 at the beginning of class. I hereby certify that I have read and understood of the syllabus for EAS 4101 Spring 2011. Specifically, I acknowledge that all work submitted in this course must be your own and produced exclusively for this course. The use of sources (ideas, quotations, paraphrases) must be properly acknowledged and documented. For the copy of the UF Honor Code and consequences of academic dishonesty, please refer to http://www.dso.ufl.edu/sccr/honorcodes/honorcode.php . Violations will be taken seriously and are noted on student disciplinary records If you are in doubt regarding the requirements, please consult with the instructor before you complete any requirement of the course. I hereby certify that I will abide by the honor code at all times. Signed/UF ID: ___________________________ Date:____ _______________________...
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