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EAS 4101–Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 1/26/11, 9 th lecture Announcements: 1. If you are going to come to office hours, please make an effort to work the problem or question out beforehand. Specifically, please show me or the TAs your work and we will try to answer the questions that you have or figure out where you have made an error. Topics: 1. Review from last time 2. Ideal Flow a. Euler’s equation b. Euler-S equation c. Euler-N equation d. Derivation of Bernoulli equation e. Roadmap for solving ideal flow problems 3. Basic Planar Flows a. General Solution to Laplace’s Equation b. Source and sink flow c. Doublet flow d. Non-lifting flow over a cylinder e. Ideal Vortex f. Lifting flow over a cylinder Reading Assignments: 1. Chapter 3 of Aerodynamics for Engineers will be discussed in class this week. 2. If you need additional information regarding the recent material, please review the following
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Unformatted text preview: items in your EGN 3353C text (Cengel and Cimbala): a. Section 4-1: Methods of Description, del operator, material/substantial derivative, b. Section 4-2: Stream, streak and path lines. c. Section 4-5: Reynolds Transport Theorem d. Section 5-2: Conservation of mass, integral form e. Section 6-3: Surface and Body forces, stress tensor f. Section 6-4: Conservation of linear momentum, integral form g. Section 9-2: Conservation of mass, differential form h. Sections 9-4 and 9-5: Conservation of momentum, differential form (N-S equations) i. Section 4-4: Kinematic decomposition of fluid motion j. Sections 5-4, 10-4: Bernoulli’s equation Homework: 1. HW#3: see website, due today 2. HW#4: see website, due 2/1/11...
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