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EAS4101_S11_L21 - Topics 1 Flow over finite wings a Wing...

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EAS 4101–Aerodynamics – Spring 2011 2/23/11, 20 th lecture Announcements: 1. Exam I has been graded. You can pick them up during TA office hours or during the recitation. a. The average is 70.8 b. The standard deviation is 18.2 c. The high is 97 d. The low is 11 e. If you earned < 60, please email me to arrange a conversation. You are presently at a D level or below. I need to understand why you underperformed. You are in danger of failing this class if you don’t improve.
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Unformatted text preview: Topics: 1. Flow over finite wings a. Wing tip vortices b. Downwash c. Modification of local relative wind d. Induced Drag 2. More vortex basics a. Biot-Savart Law b. Helmholtz theorems Reading Assignments: 1. Chapters 7 (finite wing theory) of Aerodynamics for Engineers will be discussed in class this week and next. Homework: 1. HW#7 is posted on the website, DUE 3/4/11 ....
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