Exam_1_2008 - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring 2008 Exam 1 Name...

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EAS 4101 - Aerodynamics – Spring 2008 02/27/08, Exam # 1 Name: __________________________________ 1 I. TRUE/FALSE (13 points total - 1 point each) 1. For lifting flow over a cylinder, lift is proportional to circulation via d’Alembert’s paradox. 2. Intensive properties are dependent on the size of the system. 3. An incompressible flow field is solenoidal (i.e., 0 V  ). 4. The Reynold’s number, an important non-dimensional parameter in fluid mechanics, is the ratio of inertial to viscous forces. 5. The rate of change of mass in a system (= 0) is equal to the net mass flux into and out of the control volume through the control surfaces. 6. The volume of a fluid element in an incompressible flow field remains unchanged in the flow field. 7. The Reynolds Transport Theory is used to transform from an Eulerian to a Lagrangian method of description. 8. Pressure increases in the outward normal direction from the center of curvature of streamlines via the Euler-S equation. 9. The center of pressure is the pressure at the centroid of the surface. 10. The substantial (also called the total or material) derivative has a local part that involves changes in time and a convective part that involves spatial changes. 11. A flow is irrotational if 0 V    . 12. Timelines, pathlines, streaklines, and streamlines are all identical in a steady flow. 13. The aerodynamic center is defined as point on an airfoil about which the aerodynamic moment due to the distributed pressure load is not a function of the angle of attack. II. MULTIPLE CHOICE: (27 points total – 3 pts each unless otherwise marked): There may be more than one correct answer. To receive full credit, circle ALL of the correct answers. 15. (6 pts) For each derivation of the steady Bernoulli equation, please choose the appropriate assumptions: N.S. Equation Euler - S Energy Equation a) Inviscid a) Inviscid a) Inviscid b) Neglect body forces
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Exam_1_2008 - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring 2008 Exam 1 Name...

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