EAS4101_S09_Test1_solutions - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring 2009 02/25/09 Exam #1 Name: ___________________________ 1 I. TRUE/FALSE (10 Points total 1 point each) 1. Streamlines, pathlines, streaklines, and timelines are identical for steady flows. F 2. A streamline is a curve that is everywhere tangent to the instantaneous local velocity vector. T 3. In a Newtonian fluid, the relationship between an applied shear stress and the resulting deformation rate on the fluid is governed by a linear viscosity law. T 4. A natural extension of particle mechanics, the Eulerian method of fluid flow analysis focuses on material particles as they move through the flow. F 5. The deviatoric stress tensor consists of stresses associated with fluid motion. T 6. If an aircraft is moving with constant velocity, the lift force has the same magnitude as the drag force. F 7. Flow in a boundary layer is irrotational in the presence of a favorable pressure gradient. F 8. The leading edge of an airfoil is the forward most point on the mean camber line. T 9. The Kutta-Joukowski Theorem states that the lift per unit span is inversely proportional to circulation. F 10. The center of pressure is defined as the point on an airfoil about which the aerodynamic moment due to the distributed pressure load is not a function of the angle of attack. F II. FILL IN THE BLANK (20 Points total) 11. The ______ lateral ______ axis runs from wingtip to wingtip through the airplanes ___________ COG __- ________. Motion about this axis is called _______ pitch ______ and is produced by deflection of the _______ elevators ________. ( 4 points ) 12. The two primary types of drag experienced by an aircraft in flight are ________ induced drag _______, a by- product of lift, and _______ parasitic drag _________, which is the air resistance produced by the airframe components. ( 2 points ) 13. Among the flow lines used to visualize the flow patterns, which ones have some age and thus a time history associated with them? _____________ pathlines and streaklines _____________ ( 2 points ) 14. The mathematical relation, __ gG ____ is the time rate of change of the flow property due to the movement of the fluid element in the flow field. Hint: this mathematical term is known as the convective derivative ( 1 point ) 15. (6 points) For each derivation of the steady Bernoulli equation, please list the appropriate assumptions: N.S. Equation Euler - S Energy Equation Inviscid Inviscid Inviscid Incompressible Incompressible Incompressible Irrotational Flow along a streamline Conservative Flow EAS 4101 Name: _____________________ 16. Answer the following questions pe angle of attack. (a) The value of when lift equals symmetric airfoils, this occurs (b) One of the most important indi the lift coefficient, which occu (c) Above a certain , stall occurs (a) Aerodynamics Spring 2009 02/25/09 Exam #1 _______ ertaining to the provided schematic of airfoil lift-coefficien ls zero is known as the ____________...
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EAS4101_S09_Test1_solutions - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring...

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