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Exam_1_review_EAS4101_S10 - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics Spring...

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EAS 4101 - Aerodynamics – Spring 2010 1/1 2/10/10, Exam 1 review Announcements: 1. Exam 1 will be during the evening on Wed., 2/17/10. a. The exam will be held in NEB 100 from 8:20pm to 10:10pm 2. The exam will cover up to and including ideal flow and HW#4. It will also cover the basics of airfoil nomenclature discussed in class and in the text. Exam Format: 1. Bring a pencil, eraser, etc. DO NOT bring your notes, textbook, calculator, crib sheet, etc. 2. I anticipate that we will have several problems and several short-answer questions with the points per problem/question clearly labeled. Please see prior exams for examples. 3. Below are topics that you are responsible for, the majority has been covered in class, but some material just covered via reading assignments will also be included on the exam. Exam Topics: 1. “Section 0, Introduction to Flight”: ALL Definitions/concepts: Anatomy of an airplane, forces in flight, factors affecting lift and drag 2. Chapter 1: Sections ALL Definitions/concepts:
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